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this weekend for their winter meetings and the focus is on finances. >> everybody should be prepared to give up something in order to solve our budget challenges and i think most public servants agree. but let me also say this. i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are dem graded or vilified. >> richard wolffe is at the white house and watching all of that. what's your take on it? >> this was a very finely balanced speech, offering concessions, but there was a mild rebuke for those republican governors who have rejected funding for things like high speed rail. he said if lincoln could build the railroads in the midst of the civil war, then they should be able to agree on things today. >> he was also, the governor was
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also the gop governors that is, rebuking not only high speed rail, but also health care as well as other issues. the question might be asked as the gop governors move forward, might this be enough to up end the president going forward in 2012? >> there were a number of presidential contenders in the room, but in the most impressing thing they have is this budget poll they're all suffering from and the president pointed out quite appropriately that they've been relying on recovery act funds, which have run out. so now, they face tough decisions. >> saying they need that money, too. let's listen to what some of the gop governors said over the weekend. >> bottom line is they need to trim the budget, move on and get out of our lives as governors in our state. >> it's up to the president to go and negotiate with the republicans, not for the republicans to go and negotiate with the president. >> you have to have some fights and that's fine. i'm not adverse to a fight.
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but i think also, you have to get in a room and start working it out with people. >> look at the responses from the gop governors. is this an example of what they have done right or have they gone too far? >> there's no question that a number of those republican governors have a big flat form. they intend to use it. but generally, this group has been more practical. some like chris christie have been complimentary about what the president can bring to it. they have different fiscal issues. can borrow this seemingly unlimited amount of money from foreign investors, so it's a different position they're in. but when it comes to what they need right now, this is where the budgets need to start working and in particular on health care, you're seeing the white house saying we're going to offer these waivers a few years early as long as the states are on board for health care reform in general. so, there's some flexibility as long as they sign up to the broader initiative and direction
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of what the mrks is trying to do here. >> thank you very much for that. notably absent from the winter meeting was scott walker. he's dealing with a standoff in his state over a budget bill. protesters have stormed the state house for nearly two weeks now demonstrating against a xwrun onbusting bill. but on "meet the press," governor walker said he is not backing down. >> i know that collective bargaining has a cost and when i'm cutting more than a billion dollars from state and local governments in this next two-year budget, we need to do what no other governor's doing across the country. >> former congressman mark newman, he lost the gop nomination for wisconsin governor to scott walker. very good day to you, representative newman. >> thank you. >> let me ask you this. is this union busting? >> you know, the problem in wisconsin is we have a $3.6
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billion shortfall. they've got 137 million they have to make up between now and june 30th and something has to be done. they're spending too much in this state and they've got to get in under control. that's what this is about. if there's going to be less money going from our state to the municipalities and school boards, they're going to need increased flexibility to get their job done. that's what this debate is about. getting them what they need in order to get their jobs done in a more cost effective manner. >> you served, during your time in congress, when would it be appropriate for collective bargaining? >> well you know, the federal government's got a different arrangement all together and even after this bill passes, the federal employees don't have the same benefit that is the same right that is the state of wisconsin -- >> on a state level. >> on the state level, the bottom line is flexibility has
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got to be handed to the local control if they're going to be able to function with less money. the bottom line is spending has to be cut. the government is spending too much of the taxpayers' money and it's got to change. >> unions in wisconsin, good to have? >> the thing is the debate's about unions. it needs to be about what's going to happen to allow the municipalities and school boards to get their job done in the face of less money. i'm in business, i'm a member of the teacher's youn onin the past. >> so you understand the importance of unions then? >> i absolutely i do. the bottom line, if we want businesses in wisconsin and jobs in wisconsin, we've got to get taxes under control. we've got a huge budget shortfall and can't solve that by raising taxes because if we do, more jobs will leave our state. we need lower taxes so jobs come back here to wisconsin. that's what it's all about.
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>> now, you support at the moment the democrats should come back and take a vote on what the government would like to do there. >> again, i go back to i'm involved with multiple businesses here in the wisconsin. if any of my employees behave the way they're behaving, they wouldn't be with us anymore. they lost the election. we're doing things that republicans are doing things they don't like. leaving the state is not the right answer. that's not how we do things in america. you stay there. take your vote just as i did when i was in congress. we balanced the federal budget. we had same kinds of problems, same kinds of fights going on back then. if we didn't get what we wanted, we didn't leave the state or congress. we worked hard to change it in the next cycle. >> both sides, are they just politicking right now? >> the democrats need to come back. they've got the a job they've
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been elected to do and i understand there may be a vote they don't like the outcome of. if they don't like it, it's their job to change it. >> all right. former representative, thank you very much. >> thank you. great being with you. secretary of state hillary clinton saying the u.s. is sending two teams of experts to the libyan border to look at the situation on the ground and see what aid is needed there. she also says the time for gadhafi to go is now. >> we will continue to explore all possible options for action. as we have said, nothing is off the table. so long as the libyan government continues to threaten and kill libyans. >> secretary of state clinton spoke this morning, we'll have a live -- on ta for you. now, it is interview everyone is talking about today. charlie sheen, he lets loose in a big way. jeff rossen spent most of the day with him yesterday and joins us from los angeles with more.
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>> yeah, we showed up there for a very candid conversation inside his mansion in beverly hills. i met his twin boys. the goddesses, his two live-in girlfriends he's living with. we spoke about a wide range of topic, drug abuse to depression to violence. advice from his father. >> ever show up to the set drunk? >> never once. a little bit sideways. never loaded, never drunk. i'm there to show others how it's done. it's not really rocket science. >> you're angry. >> not angry. i'm passionate. everybody thinks i should be begging for my job back. it's everybody else that's going to be beg iging me for their jo
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back. i'm a man of my word. i'll finish with show, even season ten. 3 million an episode, take it or leave it. >> you make 2 million an episode now -- >> roughly. >> and you want 3 million. >> i'm underpaid. look at the money they're making. i'm tired of pretending like i'm not special, like i'm not [ bleep ] rock star from mars. people can't figure me out. you can't process me with a normal brain. >> there you have it. we reached out to cbs and the executive producer of the show. neither called us back, but they say they shut down production mainly because of charlie sheen's condition, in their words, and his kukts and behavior. we have more coming up tomorrow on "today," all about the advice he got from his father and the surprising answer that charlie
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sheen gave us about what he thinks of that advice. plus, we'll talk more about those goddesses, two new girlfriends. >> the cars he bought for them as well. you spent the whole day with him. what was he like off camera? >> he's lucid. this is a guy who makes no apologies for as you heard in that piece, being himself. he thinks he's a rock star, so he's going to tell you that. you know, where as you and i may have a filter, he says he's beyond that and no reason to deny that he's more special than many others. he says he deserves a raise. he wants to go back to work. off camera, his twin boys were running around. they had a normal nanny with them. charlie was playing with the kids. works out a lot now. he works out every single day now with a trainer. the house is beautiful. there are kids, cartoon pictures all over. there's baby food. it's not exactly what i expected. >> definitely more pours than
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other folks. more on "today" tomorrow. bernie madoff defends himself from behind bars. >> i'm not a horrible person. >> why the man who swindled billions of dollars says he is also a victim. plus, hundreds of people across the country may have been exposed to the measles after a fellow airline passenger is confirm wd that disease. nasa gets an up close look at a spectacular solar flare. don't get too close. everything is better with swanson stock in it. an essential ingredient in any kitchen. swanson 100% natural chicken stock. [music playing] confidence available in color. depend® colors for women.
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massive wildfires are tearing through texas and topping our stories coast to coast, this is the town of
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matador, northeast of lubbock. the town being evacuated because of fires. they have destroyed 58 homes. clean up crews on on the scene of a freight train derailment near seattle. four of the derailed cars were tankers carrying 15,000 gallons of lai. that's the chemical often used as a drain cleaner. the railroad spokesman saying it could take three weeks to clean up. an arizona state senator avoiding a domestic violence charge because of his office. police there saying they found the senator and his girlfriend friday in a car in phoenix after getting into a fight. they say that she had a black eye and busted lip, but she is the one who faces the assault charges here, not the state senator. he has legislative immunity which means he cannot be
12:16 pm
arrested while lawmaker rs in session. that does not mean he will not face charges in the fure. the couple has since split up. convicted swindler bernie madoff is is speaking out, revealing new details about the ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of more than $50 billion. this is new information and a new call from him. >> what's really new here is that we're hearing his voice for the first time after the scandal. he speaks about everything. from what he told his son to the ponzi scheme itself and to the people who lost all that money with madoff himself, i think they will find this does little to resolve the frusations and anger. >> he's been described as the e pitmy of evil. for the first time since his scam imploeded, madoff has been
12:17 pm
speaking to the media, defending himself in a series of interviews. in a taped conversation with "new york magazine," he says he was a victim, too, burdened by the lie he created and says he kept secret from his beloved wife of 51 years. >> it was a nightmare to me, only to me. ruth is still unhappy about it. she's still embarrassed. nothing is going to change that. but she feels sorry for me to a certain extent. >> he again insists that banks and hedge funds were implicit and guilty of willful blindness as they continued to work with him without asking questions. while many were robbed of their life savings, he said some have to know his business was a frau and shouldn't be complaining now. >> all of my friend, most of my clients, all are not losers. it was the people that came in very late in the game that got hurt.
12:18 pm
so, did i make a lot of money for people? yeah. i made a lot of money to people. you know, did people lose profits they thought they made? yes. but did they lose capital? i'm sure, i'm confident that when this thing is all finished, very few people, if any, will lose their principle. >> how did madoff's ponzi scheme begin? he says it was almost by accident in 1992 after several years of legitimate success and up until the last minute, madoff always hoped he could escape his financial mess. >> i kept on sort of telling myself that some you know, some miracle was to happen or i was going to be able to work my way out of it. i just didn't know -- i just didn't know what that -- what that was. >> the magazine describes the family now shattered.
12:19 pm
son mark now dead by suicide. andrew and ruth no longer speaking. ruth, no longer seeing her own grandchildren and turned away at mark's funeral. madoff says he will never forget the day he finally confessed to andrew and mark. >> stunned. i was crying. took me in his arms, he just felt sorry for me. i don't think it totally sunk in to everybody. mark was standing there in shock and i said, look, you know, i just i don't know what else to tell you. >> the words of bernie madoff on bernie madoff. he says butler correctional institute is as good a place i could be and says that other inmates respect him, saying quote my notoriety impresses. >> maybe not surprising given
12:20 pm
what he said in the past. why is he talking now? what does he get out of this? >> good question. clearly not a lot. the presumption with steve fishman, he's reaching out to his son, andrew. he has no way to communicate with family and he hopes this is able to bring them back together again. >> thank you so much. coming up. orders being used to scam women out of thousands of dollars, plus, a scary escalator ride for hundreds of passengers. plus, a big night at the oscars. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet.
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breaking news. we're hearing that denmark's government is saying pirates in the indian association hijacked a danish sailboat. four adults and three children on board, ages 12 to 16. off the south tipf india to the west of australia. new video of an escalator collapse in washington, d.c. caught on camera. it happened last october, but authorities just releasing this tape. security video showing it speed up and stopping, then the avalanche of people. throw i throwing the riders to the ground. the accident sent a handful of people to the hospital. forget about the chicken crossing the road cht what happens when ten baby ducks try to cross the street? a police officer tried to round up the ducklings in ft. myers, florida and a passer by jumped out to help them get back to their mom safely. all right. they got them. a monostore storm on the sun's surface.
12:25 pm
nasa captured this amazing sight. a solar flare kicking up a huge wave of plasma. the rest fell back on to the sun. the sun is in the active phase of an 11-year solar weather cycle. great pictures there for you. this is a question. to spank or not to spank. a 60-year-old tradition of corporal punishment could be coming to an end at one of new orleans' high schools. plus, have you filled up your gas tank recently? then you know how much prices have been going up and price, they're not stopping there. and you're looking at live pictures from space. the "discovery" crew sets out on the first space walk. details of that straight ahead. [ female announcer ] water was meant to be perfect. crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita.
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welcome back. parts of the midwest are dealing
12:29 pm
with severe thunderstorms, isolated tornados and hail are also expected. the youngest known victim of new zealand's earthquake was buried today. just five months old. the final death toll is expected to reach 200. and 28 people were killed in suspected drug violence over the weekend in mexico. and the last surviving veteran of world war i has died. he was 110 years old. an intense debate is brewing over whether to bring corporal punishment back to a new orleans catholic school. the archbishop of new orleans suspended the tradition. faculty alumni, parents and students are demanding he bring it back. he is an alumni from st.
12:30 pm
augustine. only 9% use corporal punishment. is this a dying form of punishment? >> i would think that in the vast majority of the country, that it is. >> it is. and so, at this moment, why would you suggest that it should be brought back or used in the schools? >> we're advocating its use. it is a 60-year institution. it has been a proven formula. we like to think we produce excellent young men and it is part of our disciplinary policy that has worked. >> how does it work? how does it help learning here? >> what we employ is part of the disciplinary policy. every parent is given a student handbook. it's explained that is part of the policy and the parents consent to it. it is forpreliminary minor infractions initially, and if the student commits more
12:31 pm
offenses, it increases. >> how much paddling here? >> it might be one, two, no more than three times. and it's for minor infractions to let them know that there is a policy or that there's any social behavior that needs to be corrected and they need to go on with their education alex appearance. >> is it a large paddle? is it heavy? >> it's a wooden paddle and -- >> how big? >> well, it's comparable to anything a fraternity might use. >> that does not bring up good connotations when you bring up that example. have you had a lot of negativity? >> oddly enough in the community, the administration, the faculty, the students, the alumni, everyone -- and the parents, everyone associated with the school is in favor of
12:32 pm
the policy. >> the arch bishop said there's research that shows violence fosters violence. >> the arch bishop is correct, but in this case, it's not violence. it's correction. our students are not abused. >> so, you think this is a special case. that's the whole thing here, judge. >> the arch bishop set foot in the school for the first time last thursday night at a meeting. if he took time to learn the culture and excellence that we try to teach our young men, he would understand that this is a successful formula that has worked for our school for 60 years. >> very debatable as well. thank you very much for stopping by and giving us more information. >> my absolute pleasure. thank you. let's move on to the public health officials warning that recent air travelers may have been exposed to measles after an infected passenger flu in and out of four airports. they arrived from washington on
12:33 pm
february 20th. then traveled but baltimore, denver,al b denver, albuquerque the following days. from one to ten, ten being the highest, how much of a concern is this to you? >> two. >> so, very, very low. what sort of exposure would the people in the planes, a long tube that's encapsulated, what's their danger level as those in the airports themselves? >> well, we have two points. number one is it depends if the person was shedding virus, which you do about four days before the rash shows up, four days after. a person has to have a cold like picture. runny nose, eyes ingested. fever, not feeling right. if you're not symptom attic, you're probably not putting out the virus. two, if you're born in america and have lived in america, the odds are great that you've gotten your imizations.
12:34 pm
over 90% is vaccinated against measle, so there's good protection here. this is a highly contaigious disorder for those who haven't had it. the issue is was this person symptomatic at the time, did they have the features of measles when the travel was happening. if so, then yes. there is an exposure, but in america, since most people are vaccinated, it's a limited exposure. >> this goes back to your number two here. since most people are vaccinated against measles, there really isn't great danger. >> right, but what we have to worry about is the young kids who have not been vaccinated, kids under 1 year of age. foreigners in this country. those are the people at risk, but those would be limited. >> back to the traveler. she was a 27-year-old santa fe,
12:35 pm
new mexico woman who had not been immunized herself. >> when you get exposed, there's about a seven-ten daytime period in which the virus brews in your body. then you get a cold like picture with a runny nose and cough. your eyes get red and watery. you get fever. if you examine these individuals, they don't feel good. basically fatigue all over and if you look inside the mouth, you sigh these little white spots in the back of the throat. that's the initial presentation before the rash appears. in about four days or so after those initial features, you break out in a rash. starts in the face, the upper neck and spreads through the body and you're still contaigious for about four days after wards. >> thank you for stopping by to help us understand what this concern might be. appreciate it. let's look live at the
12:36 pm
shuttle "discovery" and the first space station walk. they are making repairs to the international space station. no gravity. also going to do an art project of sorts for japan. art projects up space. how about that. they're going to open an empty container, let it fill up with whatever's out there in the vacuum of space, then seal it back up. the container will be displayed for the public. drew is now the 200th person to do a space walk and the 39th and final mission for the shuttle "discovery." always great to watch some of these helmet cam pictures as you see how they're working so many miles above mother earth. michelle obama has just released a new psa encouraging kids to get into tennis. >> there's so many fun things that each of us can to to be healthier and with all the changes going on in tennis, that's an even better way for
12:37 pm
kids to get active and have fun. >> those changes include a new initiative which scales down the courts and rackets and uses different balls to make it easier for kids. the ad will air during upcoming televised events and during the u.s. open. there's some of us older folks who would like smaller courts. it was hollywood's biggest night and a feast fit for a king. all right. well, that of course is the first lady's video again and her psa. no what we were watching from last night. the film about the stuttering of king gorge, we'll show you more of that later. christian bale and mel fought the good fight taking home best supporting roles in t"the fighte fighter". the awards were fairly
12:38 pm
predictable and the speeches were humorous and from the heart, like this. >> colin firth. >> natalie portman, "black swan." >> my beautiful love who choreographed the film and has now given me my most important role of my life. >> so, did you watch that? first time hosts james franco and anne hathaway getting reviews this morning. critics saying they had no chemistry, tried too hard, but did get some laughs along the way. >> hi, marilyn. >> you have to wear a tuxedo if i wear this. weird part is i just got a text message from charlie sheen. >> all right. well, melissa leo dropped the very first oscar f bomb as well. it was bleeped so no one heard it on tv and she apologized
12:39 pm
backstage after that, but she was so excited. be aware. there's a new scam on facebook. what appears to be real u.s. soldiers using women to get hundreds, even thousands of dolla dollars. plus, gas prices are up. up 65 cents the first of the year. ouch. how much higher will they go though? everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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coming up, avoiding a government shutdown. senator conrad chair of the budget committee joinstous talk about the short-term spending plan the democrats have agreed to and what comes after this temporary fix. plus, clarence thomas firing back at critics, speaking out about the growing controversy of his wife's involvement in the
12:43 pm
tea party. and we'll be talking to the head of the nation's largest gun control operation. the 17th anniversary of the landmark law on gun control. that and more. stay with us. the u.s. and south korea kicking off a set of annual military drills today despite threats. today's exercises are the first since november when the north shelled a nearby island killing four people. state-run tv set the government will launch all out war if provoked in any way. burr les con is back on trail today. a top court determined he is not immune from prosecution. he also faces a separate trial that he paid for sex with an underaged dancer and used his influence to cover that up. and a fashion designer is in
12:44 pm
more hot water after video surfaced that appears to show him praising hitler. he appeared at a police station today to face charges he made illegal remarks at a cafe last week. christian dior has removed him until the investigation is complete. the u.s. army is warning the general public about an ongoing scam that's promising true love but ends up breaking hearts and bang accounts. u.s. soldiers praying on men and women and taking them for thousands of dollars. michelle, how does this whole thing work? how do they lure these people in? >> it's interesting. i just got off the phone with one of the victims menged. he's been speaking out a lot about it and what he told me is that someone actually got into his mom's facebook account. she did not have her photos on privacy. and took a lot of her photos of
12:45 pm
him serving in the war. he actually was released from the army in september of 2009 and so he's veteran of our country and took about eight of those photos and made a pro file and was preying on women, victim, trying to get them to send him money overseas to a third party in nigeria, which he said would then forward the money to him. >> and there's this outrage about taking advantage of the country's servicemen and woman. how much of these victims lost? >> you know, this is what i can tell you. i spoke with a representative of the u.s. army this morning. he said he has seen hundreds of these cases and it's really kind of hard to put a dollar, a number amount on it because a lot of time, the victims are embarrassed. they don't want to come forward. we need you if you are a victim and you have not come forward, you can report it to the fbi. the website
12:46 pm
specifically. you can also contact your local law enforcement and facebook as well. there's a variety of measures that you should definitely do to protect yourself and the victim i spoke with this morning, although he spoke to the media, he hasn't done those things yet. as soon as we're done today, i'm going to compile a list for him. >> it includes both men and women is what you're saying. >> it does. >> is this more prevalent in this sort of dynamic, assume an identity of a serviceman or woman. is this more prevalent here than in the general id theft space? >> you know, what's interesting is that you know, identity theft definitely has its own category, especially within the fbi and the statistics they compile. this is more considered impersonation/online romance scam. and so, they're -- >> there's a category for that in. >> there is. and the fbi says you know what? although we are aware of this and they said we don't have the
12:47 pm
specific numbers as of yet because all they can report is what's reported to them. so they sort of kind of loop it under one specific category. but you have got beware out there if this is going on, if you are having some sort of relationship with someone online and you've never met them and they're asking you to send them money and they're in the military, number one, the military will bring your loved one home. you to not have to pay for that. number two, if they're asking for money for laptops and technology, for no reason you should have to send money to a third party to get it to them. >> i want to bring this up. get this in. response from facebook, they said here that there's nothing more important to us than the safety and security of the people who use facebook. it is a violation of our policies to impersonate someone and we disable fake accounts when they're reported to us. talking about online i.d. imp s impersonati impersonation, is it illegal? >> it appears to be.
12:48 pm
you can definitely go to your local police agency and if they won't take a police report, you can ask for a miscellaneous report, which gives you an i. number. you can take that information and go to the website and fbi and give them that incident report number. if they don't have the information, they can't move forward with anything. we really need focus folks to step up and tell what happened. >> it's absolutely outrageous to see these people taking advantage assuming the identity of the servicemen and women of our country to take advantage of other people. michelle sigona giving us more details. thank you so much. president obama meets with ban ki-moon at the white house in an hour. they're expected to discuss possible diplomatic and legal action to take against libya. bill gates will address the
12:49 pm
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the unrest in the middle east is causing gas prices to go up. we've been watching the prices here in the united states up almost 20 cents, about 4% higher than last week. let's look at how prices have progressed according to aaa. today, the national average is $3.37. last month, 3.10. a financial reporter for the "washington post," neil, at what point when we look at the economy, will gas prices hit so high it will stall the economy? >> you know, there's no magic single number. it's more of a fuzzy gradual line rather than one abrupt shift. that said, if this higher prices
12:53 pm
are sustained and don't go away, it is going to reduce the pace of growth. every $10 on a barrel of oil takes on a quarter point of growth, so you can -- >> gdp. >> right. it's really a situation where if we get up to 120, $130 barrel oil, not necessarily we'll have another recession, but see slower growth. >> how did the economy evolve to be able to absorb these hire costs of oil and gasoline? >> it is true we saw higher prices in the summer of 2008. we saw gas at $4 a gallon then and oil at $150 a barrel. if you remember, that was before a pretty awful downturn in the economy. >> yes, sir. >> we do use less fuel than we did 20 or 30 years ago. at the same time, it's still a fragile recovery. this could really stand in the way of stronger growth. >> what needs to happen here in terms of the way the economy is structured so we can absorb
12:54 pm
higher prices? you said 140 is kind of the range we're looking at now. if it goes higher. >> that would be very dangerous. the truth is, any increase in fuel prices is because it's mostly imported oil. it's basically money we're shifting aboard. it's like a tax increase for american consumers. that's something we're in a fragile recovery and not clear we can keep growing. what we've seen so far, the economy can probably handle and still keep growing. much more, it won't be good. >> i want you to break out your crystal ball and look forward to the next two to five years. what are we seeing in gas price is, in oil per barrel? >> even if the situation in the middle east stabilizes and we don't have a war or ugly scenario in the next few months in the middle east, prices are still going to rise rapidly. china, india, they are consuming more and more oil. >> it is china because its
12:55 pm
requirement is quite high. it's been looking all over the world to find that scare resource. >> right. you have a billion and a half people going from extreme poverty to the middle class. they want to drive cars and have the standard of living we're used to. that means they're going to need more oil. >> thank you so much. helping us understand oil today. have a very good monday. that wraps up this hour. thanks for watching. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." >> thanks so much. and coming up next with us, senator kent conrad on the latest plan to avoid a government shutdown, plus, we're following movements out of libya and moammar gadhafi as well as the standoff in wisconsin here at home. we'll talk to andy stern. all that next right here on "andrea mitchell reports."
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
offering possible concessions, coming down frmly in the fight of public employees in wisconsin. >> faced some tough choices at this point on everything from schools to prisons to pensions. i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are demgraded or vilified or their rights are enfringed upon. a possible reprieve on a government shutdown, but it's temporary. the chairman of the budget committee joins us direct from those negotiations. the pentagon repositions navy and air support near libya as international demand intensifies. secretary of state clinton is in geneva today. >> through their

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